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Our future STEMs from educating today’s students


It's no secret that American students are lagging behind other industrial countries when it comes to science, technology, engineering and mathematics education. With several initiatives supporting and encouraging the education of today's youth in the STEM areas, we are attempting to close the gap and remain a global leader.

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US Oil & Gas Industry by the Numbers

Ask anyone and they'll tell you that the US' oil and gas industry is not only impressive, but it plays a significant role in our economy. While we continue to restore the economy to its once flourishing state, there's no doubt that the influx in oil and gas production, especially over the past decade or so, has directly influenced this revival.

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Support U.S. OCTG Producers!


The final determination of dumping margins in the current OCTG trade case is only days away, and the U.S. steel industry is rallying support for a change in the Department of Commerce's methodology used to calculate preliminary margins. But South Korean imports continue to come into the United States in record numbers. In fact, the 2014 pace of these imports is exceeding the 2013 levels by over 30 percent. And so the entire market wonders, is this last surge because the South Koreans think they will receive dumping margins in a few weeks? If the South Koreans are confident they have found a way to get past the laws of fair trade, is this only the beginning? We will know the answer soon — but not soon enough, as far as I am concerned!

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Doing Business on an Unlevel Playing Field

On the brink of an energy independence boom, unfairly-traded imports are flying under the radar in the United States. These imports are arguably the biggest challenge for energy independence, as they result in fewer domestic jobs, poorer quality product, and less money in our economy. JMC Steel Group, however, is fighting back.

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Wheatland Tube Wins Special Safety Award


JMC Steel Group and Wheatland Tube were honored at the Mahoning Valley Safety Council's Annual Safety Leadership Award Luncheon on Wednesday, May 14. Wheatland Tube's Warren and Niles facilities were recognized for their effort in preventing accidents and injuries in the workplace, receiving the "Special Award." The Special Award is given to employers that accumulate at least 500,000 hours and at least six months without an injury or illness resulting in a day away from work. Human Resource Manager, Denise Carissimo, accepted the award on behalf of JMC.

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