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[INFOGRAPHIC] Contractors Favor American-made Steel Pipe

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American-made products are a hot button when people are out of work, when the economy is sluggish, during election season and so on. The perception, and reality, is that domestic companies do more for the U.S. economy and American jobs than foreign companies. While fair competition is what this country was founded on, the upheaval of imports and decrease in exports have greatly impacted domestic manufacturers like Wheatland Tube. We've even gone to Congress to testify against unfairly priced foreign steel and have been successful. The recent resurgence of Made in the USA has become critical to Wheatland's job creation and new business expansion as dumped imports present a real threat to U.S. manufacturing.

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Do You Know Where Your “Domestic” OCTG Really Came From?


Since 2009, US companies have shown increased support for fellow US manufacturers.  The reasons for this are many, including patriotism, supporting the US economy (which should in turn grow their own business), shorter and more predictable supply chain, and known quality.  We see this trend from E&P companies particularly on OCTG casing with many jobs specifying domestic casing. 

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SteelDay: Earn Credit at Certified HSS A1085 Presentation

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It’s that time of year again! October 4th is fast approaching, and that means SteelDay 2013 is right around the corner.

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Zekelman Industries in Four Iconic Buildings: A Cheat Sheet for Customers

the-capital - washington D.C.
clinton library- little rock
the pentagon - DC
rogers center - toronto
jmc constructor

Zekelman Industries products – ranging from HSS, standard steel pipe, electrical conduit and elbows, couplings and nipples – strengthen structures of all types across North America. The following are some of the high-profile and well-known structures that contain our steel pipe and tube solutions:

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